How Does Private Equity Giant Blackstone Make Money?

Schwarzman and his mentor Peter Peterson left Lehman Brothers to co-found Blackstone with $400,000

Big pharma spin-offs, and advantages to invest them

The following are the three big pharma spin-offs I know of in the past ten years. These three pharmaceutical companies are all world-renowned super pharmaceutical companies

Why people with high IQ prone invest failed?

Why people with high IQ prone invest failed. In stock investment, temperament is the final decisive factor, not intelligence and IQ, nor the amount of funds. I certainly know that most people may disagree with my statement, but I’m just telling the truth that people don’t want to admit, let alone say.

Thinking cannot be outsourced

Thinking cannot be outsourced. Investment is a marathon of life, and we must persist to the end. In section 1-1, of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”, I pointed out 8 key points of a simple roadmap for stock investment for investors

Reading is irreplaceable and necessity of for investors

The Irreplaceable and Necessity of Reading for Investors. Books are the ladder of human progress. We have seen biographies or stories of great or successful people since we were young, and books will almost certainly be part of it.

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