Problems with Cigar Butt Investment

What is Cigar Butt investment? Most investors who have a little research on Buffett may know that Buffett used his own investment in the early stage of his investment career, especially during the Warren Buffett partnership that had not yet established Berkshire (ticker:s: BRK.A and BRK.B), is his mentor Graham’s “Cigar Butt Investment Method” means: … Continue reading “Problems with Cigar Butt Investment”

Ge Ba’s wonderful views on the article “Thinking can’t be outsourced”

For the original text referred to by Mr. Ge Ba, please click “Thinking cannot be outsourced“. First of all, please see Ge Ba’s view in italic blow: Hi, Andy:Regarding your argument that “thinking is important”, I think it is difficult for anyone to refute it. I want to share my extended “thinking”. Is it possible … Continue reading “Ge Ba’s wonderful views on the article “Thinking can’t be outsourced””

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