TSMC negative corp culture and management style are detrimental to its future and growth

This article is intended to discuss TSMC negative corp culture and management style from the perspective of investors in TSMC in the US stock market. This is to discuss TSMC’s substantial competitiveness from the perspective of investors outside Taiwan.

Several possible threats to the Visa and Mastercard credit card networks

Visa and Mastercard Credit Card Network are subject to antitrust investigations by various countries almost every year around the world, but they always escape safely.

PayPal’s current crisis and appeal

PayPal in my two books In my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing“: In the book “The Rules of 10 Baggers“: How bad is it? The pandemic catalyst is no longer In the two or three years before 2021, PayPal’s stock price, like most technology stocks, has repeatedly hit new highs. Since the … Continue reading “PayPal’s current crisis and appeal”

How did Japan, Alstom, Toshiba, HTC and Taiwan’s panel industry collapse?

Disgraceful record by US The United States basically does not allow any country in the world to lead it. It only allows US to set fires, but does not allow others to light lamps. The record of the United States in this regard is really poor. Here are a few well-known cases to awaken everyone’s … Continue reading “How did Japan, Alstom, Toshiba, HTC and Taiwan’s panel industry collapse?”

How does BlackRock, the world’s largest index and asset management company, make money?

BlackRock’s AUM like index trackers and ETFs top $9 trillion by mid-2023

Quasi-monopoly Waste Management (WM)

My book contents related to Waste Management I have introduced the company Waste Management (ticker: WM) in my book, and the content in the book will not be repeated. Investors are invited to refer to me at: Company Profile Not just waste management Waste Management is a quasi-monopoly that recently changed its name to WM … Continue reading “Quasi-monopoly Waste Management (WM)”

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