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US stock

Please read this first

Are you ready to invest in it? Make sure you read the short article and test yourself by “Questions must be clearly answered before entering the stock market

For Taiwan stock investors, it is recommended that you read “To Taiwanese US stock investors” first.

In addition, it is recommended that you take a look at the introduction of the three major U.S. stock markets and the OTC market in my book “The Rules of 10 Baggers“, section 2-1, pages 60-73, especially the OTC market.

The website you are looking now!

My website

When you are free, you are welcome to click here to visit the website you are looking at now and browse the various functions provided on my website.

Online tools for US stock investors

I develop some investment tools that investors in U.S. stocks often use, such as the well-known Taiwan stock-weighted index, S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Philadelphia Semiconductor and other famous market indexes over the years and the annualized rate of return functions such as query, singleand compound interest calculator, annualized rate of return calculator, enterprise valuation (discounted cash flow calculator: DCF), and US stock 100-year price-earnings ratio query. Please click here to access these tools.

For the detail, please see “Free online US stock investment toolset”.

My blog

All the articles on this blog you are reading now has the Chinese version click here for direct access, and the English version click here for direct access. The point is that you can enter the subject text you are interested in, and do a quick search of the article in my blog to find the relevant article.

US stock resources

Regarding U.S. stock resources, based on my personal experience for many years, I would like to share the following points with you. (Disclaimer: I have no interest in the company mentioned, it is purely my personal experience)

For the English proficiency to U.S. stock investors, please refer to my previous article “Should a great English proficiency required to invest in US stocks?“.

Avoid using Chinese-language US stock information services

Even if your English reading ability is a little slow, it doesn’t matter, please try to avoid using Taiwanese Chinese US stock information services, no matter how famous or even a paid service. Because according to my personal experience, many of these websites and services are full of errors in even the fundamental financial report figures of listed companies, such as revenue and price-earnings ratio, and this phenomenon is not uncommon.

Seeking Alpha is recommended

As far as my own experience is concerned, Seeking Alpha is really worth recommending that you spend money to subscribe. Interested friends can click on the article I wrote “Seeking Alpha greatly improve the investment ability of US stocks“.

Detailed U.S. stock resource website collation

In my blog article “Great resources for US stock investors“, I have compiled all kinds of website information that U.S. stock investors will use in great detail. These include: irreplaceable U.S. stock websites, stock analysis reports and articles, portfolios of famous investors, insiders transaction activity, short-selling information on individual stocks, news aggregation, TV channels, and analysis of stock market reports suitable for the general public, comprehensive professional website, unicorn and venture capital, initial public offering (IPO), famous forum.

US stock resources in my books

In my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing“, specifically 4-5, pp. 308-315; detailed descriptions, explanations, and lists of U.S. stock resources that investors will use.

US stock resources on my website

I am on my website; I have listed some U.S. stock resources that U.S. stock investors will use, please click here to visit the link.

Books for US stock investors

For primers

For newbie and the primers, can refer to this article “Great primer books for Investing in the stock market“.

Legend investment books

I have listed several legend investment books in US stocks that I personally recommend to US stock investors to read on my website. Click here to visit the link for your reference.

Other investment books

In addition to the above-mentioned legend investment books that U.S. stock investors must read, there are some books that I personally think are good for your reference, click here to visit the link.

Books on growth stock investment

On pages 397 of appendix 4 in my book “The Rules of 10 Baggers“, I listed many books for growth stock investors.

US stock
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How to trade US stocks?

How to choose stock brokage?

Please refer to my previous article “How to invest in US stocks? sub-brokerage, and fintech“, which will introduce the ways of buying and selling U.S. stocks in detail, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of different methods.

US ETF tracking broader markets

ETFs tracking broader marekts are a better choice for most non-professional investors who have no time, and who cannot bear the large stock price fluctuations of active stock selection. I suggest you refer to my previous article on this topic: “Most investors should invest ETFs tracking broader market“,
US issued ETFs tracking US market is your best bet“, and
Top 10 ETFs and important major US stock market index“.

And what investors are most concerned about, how to choose a U.S. stock market ETF that suits them? Please refer to my analysis in “S&P 500 vs. Nasdaq 100 index, how to choose a market index?“.

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