How does Texas Instruments make money? Amazing long term capital reward and company net profit margin!

Take Texas Instruments (aka TI, ticker: TXN) as an example; this company was founded earlier than Intel (ticker: INTC), for Intel, I suggest you refer to my previous blog post “How Does Intel Make Money? And the Benefits of Investing in It”

Why is TSMC’s profit margin much greater than competitors?

Why is TSMC’s profit margin much greater than competitors?

ROE, the most important management indicator

The Return On Equity (ROE) algorithm is “net profit after tax/shareholder equity × 100%”, which is one of the few financial figures that can be used to measure the operational performance of a company’s leadership team. It represents the efficiency of the company’s profit for shareholders, and it can also be said to measure the company’s overall capital utilization efficiency. Therefore, the higher the value, the better.

Decisive factor for AT&T and Verizon stocks valuation, the new media giant Warner Bros. Discovery

The key factors that determine the valuation of AT&T and Verizon stocks

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