Sea, the parent company of Shopee, the most valuable company in Southeast Asia

A company worth studying In Chapter 3, Sections 3-6 of my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing”, taking Shopee from Sea Ltd (ticker: SE) as an example to illustrate how I decide a startup worth investing in. And in Chapter 5, Section 5-1, take it as an example to illustrate the valuation of … Continue reading “Sea, the parent company of Shopee, the most valuable company in Southeast Asia”

Amazon vs. Alibaba

The businesses of Amazon and Alibaba are almost the same in all aspects, so the two are highly comparable. Just as Amazon’s stock price is not very good this year, and Alibaba has collapsed by more than 40% now, let us compare the two e-commerce giants in China and the United States. Alibaba is a … Continue reading “Amazon vs. Alibaba”


I recently re-read several investment books and found that one of them is worth recommending to everyone. After reading it these few days, I thought it was great, so I hurried to find out the record of my previous reading, and found that I had read this book before, but I didn’t care about it … Continue reading “Outsiders”

Rule 40

Differences between Taiwan and U.S. listed companies Investors are most concerned about the growth of the company and how much money it can make. In particular, the profitability conditions for companies listed on the US stock market are relatively loose, unlike Taiwan or China, which highlights corporate profitability as a necessary condition for listing. Just … Continue reading “Rule 40”

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