ASIC market is getting bigger, and related listed companies in the US and Taiwan

650 Group estimates that the data center customized chip market will grow to $10 billion this year and double by 2025, while Needham analyst Charles Shi said that by 2023, broader customization ASIC market is worth approximately US$30 billion, accounting for approximately 5% of global annual chip sales.

Artificial intelligence (AI) benefits industries

This article will discuss the industries and manufacturers that have benefited significantly from the trend of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the past year and a half in the short term.

Supermicro valuation is not justified and unsustanable, no worth for long-term holding at current level

Supermicro has absolutely no autonomy in its business. It is a typical manufacturer that relies on others, that is, it can be choked by others at any time──Intel (ticker: INTC), Nvidia and AMD (ticker:AMD) If the three major chip manufacturers find a manufacturer with higher cooperation and lower assembly prices, they may be in trouble at any time.

Why is AMD’s performance so jaw-dropping?

The market has strong demand for artificial intelligence chips, and AMD’s newly released artificial intelligence chip MI 300 series products are regarded as another option to break Nvidia’s monopoly in this area, and have won immediate purchase order from several of the largest customers in the market.

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