Global Venture Capital and Unicorn Report

Number of unicorns According to the Dealroom report, there have been 1,601 technology companies around the world that have crossed the $1 billion milestone since 1990. In the first half of 2021, unicorn companies have grown fiercely, with more than two unicorns being born every day. In 2021, global venture capital broke the previous record, … Continue reading “Global Venture Capital and Unicorn Report”

Tencent vs. Alibaba, deep dive on significant differences in operation

Tencent vs. Alibaba, I have written several in-depth articles about Alibaba and Tencent, two of the largest and representative technology giants in contemporary China, on my blog, and they have received enthusiastic responses from many friends

How Adobe makes money?

I plan to write two articles to discuss Adobe, this is the first of them; the second article, “Adobe, a listed company with no strong competitors in its main business for a long time”, will be posted after it is written. Adobe’s achievements do not lose to Microsoft Many more senior friends or average investors … Continue reading “How Adobe makes money?”

Intel’s current difficult dilemma

At my book launch workshop get together a few days ago, lot of people concerned about the prospects of Intel (ticker: INTC). This is the second post of my opinions on Intel. Please go back and read the first post I wrote a few days ago. Article “How does Intel make money? and the benefits … Continue reading “Intel’s current difficult dilemma”

How does Intel make money? and the benefits to invest in it

How does Intel make money? and the benefits to invest in it. A few days ago, I met with many friends at the new book launch meeting. The most I care about is the current situation of Intel (ticker: INTC) and the future prospects of the company

Tencent vs. Alibaba

Tencent vs. Alibaba, What do western investors think of these two companies, These two stocks are of indescribable importance in terms of index (representing China’s economy and technology) or substantive (real shareholding purchase).

Let’s talk about TikTok

The 1 Billion milestone In September, TikTok quietly announced the milestone of reaching billions of monthly active users (aka MAU). At present, Douyin’s parent company ByteDance’s products, including products represented by Douyin, Toutiao, Watermelon Video, etc., have a total MAU of more than 1.9 billion people. I think it is not easy for TikTok: According … Continue reading “Let’s talk about TikTok”

Artificial intelligence investment trap

Yitu’s failure in IPO After preparing for the listing for 8 months, one of the four major artificial intelligence (AI) unicorns in mainland China (the four AI dragons in mainland China includes Megvii Technology, CloudWalk, SenseTime, and Yitu) Yitu Technology voluntarily applied to withdraw from the SSE STAR market and officially announced the termination of … Continue reading “Artificial intelligence investment trap”

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