Major artificial intelligence companies in US stocks market

Generative artificial intelligence, Barriers to Entry Are Too High

Possibility of long-term holdings, Deep dive on Buffett’s case

Possibility of long-term holdings, Many friends have read my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing” and my blog, and they all feel the same way about long-term investing.

The Power Law

What I want to talk about in this post is a just-published English book “The Power Law”.

The rebirth and fall of 4 major technology stocks in 10 years

In this post, we’ll discuss the rebirth and fall of 4 technology stocks in 10 years.

6 common wrong semiconductor investment myths

This article is to explore common semiconductor investment myths that most people have wrong about semiconductor investing, and they are horribly wrong.

How does Intel make money? and the benefits to invest in it

How does Intel make money? and the benefits to invest in it. A few days ago, I met with many friends at the new book launch meeting. The most I care about is the current situation of Intel (ticker: INTC) and the future prospects of the company

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