Artificial intelligence online lending platform Upstart

Upstart mentioned in my book I have discussed Upstart (ticker: UPST) in my books “The Rules of 10 Baggers“, Upstart business Disrupt lending industry There’s no question that Upstart’s business model has the potential to disrupt the lending industry. The company provides an AI-powered online lending platform to 83 different partners (banks and credit unions). … Continue reading “Artificial intelligence online lending platform Upstart”

Commercial-oriented firms perform better in recessions

U.S. stocks have rebounded a lot from the bottom of the bear market in June. Many investors believe that the worst time has passed; but the reality is not so optimistic. But there is another important point in this article — commercial-oriented companies are more resilient to recessions.

S&P 500 index, the only stock worth holding forever

In addition, investors who actively choose stocks should also “consider” adding ETFs of the US stock market to their portfolios, and should not reject ETF tracking broader marker — the reason is simple, it’s the only stock worth holding forever.

2020 market crash, why more retail investors than Wall Street made money?

Why more retail investors than Wall Street made money in 2020 market crash? The U.S. stock market crashed in 2020, although many Wall Street or investment experts usually educate everyone to take advantage of the stock market crash or a sharp pullback.

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