Fintech’s valuation plummeted and current dilemma

Fintech is no longer a super new blue ocean in the technology and financial circles ten years ago.

Why are only US stocks the most valuable for long-term investment?

The factors that many investors worry about listed in this article will not cause too much harm to the long-term investment value of US stocks.

Will Sino-US confrontation, de-globalization, and de-dollarization affect the long-term investment value of US stocks?

Sino-US confrontation will not hurt U.S. stocks too much.

Investors should not trust forecasts

Buffett admits he has no ability to forecast In his 1966 letter to shareholders, Buffett set out his views on investor should care about company performance but not market performance. The following parts in italics are my complete excerpts: “I am not in the business of predicting general stock market or business fluctuations. If you … Continue reading “Investors should not trust forecasts”

Why do stock prices automatically rise with inflation?

The origin of this article A friend wrote to me, the original text is: “I read your blog article and mentioned that “stock prices will automatically rise with inflation”. After thinking about it for a long time, I still don’t understand it. Could you please give me a practical example to help me out? Let … Continue reading “Why do stock prices automatically rise with inflation?”

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