How does Renewable Energy Giant NextEra Energy make money?

Renewable Energy Giant NextEra Energy,
As the largest renewable energy company in the world, NextEra Energy is a time-tested company with deep roots. Founded in 1925, with governments around the world supporting green energy policies, it should continue to grow along with the growth of renewable energy and Florida’s population.

The impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on US stocks

In order to reduce the impact of inflation on the US economy, raise more taxes to fight inflation. U.S. President Joe Biden sign a $430 billion “Inflation Reduction
Act” on August 16, 2022.

How does American Water Works make money?

Introduction Revenue break-down Revenue resources State $Million  % of Total revenue New Jersey 826 24.40% Pennsylvania 770 22.80% Missouri 349 10.30% Illinois 340 10.00% California 268 7.90% Revenue by type Business performance and valuation Business performance Year 2021 NextEra Energy American Water Works Annual revenue and growth rate (million) 17,069 -5.16% 3,930 +4.05% Annual operating … Continue reading “How does American Water Works make money?”

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