There are indeed monopoly in this world

There are indeed monopoly in this world, Buffett said that a moat is the competitiveness of a business economy. Most companies have many competitors because a profitable industry attracts competitors to join in for a piece of the pie.

The rebirth and fall of 4 major technology stocks in 10 years

In this post, we’ll discuss the rebirth and fall of 4 technology stocks in 10 years.

The significant differences between Visa and Mastercard

The differences between Visa and Mastercard, I discussed on pages 96-99 of 2-4 in my book “The Rules of Super Growth Stocks Investing” that these two companies are a classic duopoly and both are profitable. I also wrote an article about these two companies previously on my blog. However, I am frequently asked a question by people “What is the difference between Visa and Mastercard?”

Has the moat of ubiquitous Visa and Mastercard credit card networks loosened?

Has the moat of the two major credit card networks loosened?

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