How does the all-powerful Huawei make money?

No company in modern corporate history has ever won this honor. You can imagine the importance of this enterprise. The United States has discovered the signs of Huawei’s development. For the first time in history, the Department of Defense replaced the Department of Commerce to supervise Huawei.

Low-orbit satellites (LOS) progress, relevant companies

Low-orbit satellite (LOS) launches are represented by projects such as Starlink and OneWeb

The gap between China and US, is all China-made software and hardware possible?

The technology gap between China and US, On 5/6/2022, there was a news report that Beijing ordered central government agencies, state-owned enterprises and government-related enterprises or institutions to replace the currently used foreign brand computers with domestic equipment.

Global semiconductor chip market in detail, big dominators and markets

Mastering the flow of products and market conditions is the fastest way to understand the industry. The semiconductor wafer industry is no different.

Intel’s current difficult dilemma

Intel’s current difficult dilemma. At my book launch workshop get together a few days ago, lot of people concerned about the prospects of Intel (ticker: INTC).

How does Intel make money? and the benefits to invest in it

How does Intel make money? and the benefits to invest in it. A few days ago, I met with many friends at the new book launch meeting. The most I care about is the current situation of Intel (ticker: INTC) and the future prospects of the company

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